The Double Speed Series Spiral Mixer is professional-grade bakery equipment designed to meet the demanding needs of high-volume production. This mixer offers enhanced functionality and efficiency with its dual speed control, making it ideal for large-scale bakeries and commercial establishments.


Equipped with a powerful motor, the Double Speed Spiral Mixer ensures thorough mixing and consistent dough development. It features two speed settings, allowing bakers to get specific dough recipe and desired results.

The mixer’s user-friendly control panel provides easy access to the speed settings and allows bakers to monitor automatically mixing process as needed. Its safety features, such as overload protection and emergency stop, ensure a secure baking environment.

With its robust construction and durable components, the Double Speed Spiral Mixer is built to withstand heavy usage and deliver reliable performance in demanding bakery environments.

    • Dual motor design for power and low noise.
    • Auto power-off for safety.
    • Forward and reverse rotation for optimal mixing.
    • Durable Stainless Steel 304 grade one-piece spiral hook and bowl.
    • Stainless steel safety guard and overload protection.
    • Acid-resistant powder-coated body, easy to clean
S.S Bowl
Spiral Hook

Product Specification & Capacity

BOWL VOLUME (L)4275150220
BOWL SIZE (mm)dia 460 X 275dia 600 X 330dia 700 X 390dia 800 X 440
MAX DRY FLOUR CAPACITY (Kgs)18 Kgs30 Kgs50 Kgs80 Kgs
MAX DOUGH CAPACITY (Kgs)30 Kgs50 Kgs80 Kgs130 Kgs
ROTATION SPEED HOOK/ BOWL (R.P.M)990*555* 1025  131210x635x1290 1025 131330*710*1350 1025 13990*555* 1025 13
RATED POWER HP / KW3.0 / 2.254/39/712/9
MACHINE SIZE (LxBxH) mm1040 x 585 x 8801210 x 635 x 12901330 x 710 x 13501450 x 800 x1400
POWER SUPPLY (3 Phase)415 V415V415V415V
WEIGHT (Kgs)250 Kgs420 Kgs510 Kgs650 Kgs