Introducing the Planetary Mixer – Electronic Drive Series, an innovative evolution of the renowned Electronic Drive Series. This upgraded bakery equipment continues to offer the same versatility and efficiency, now enhanced with cutting-edge electronic drive technology to elevate your mixing experience.


Advanced Electronic Drive Technology:
The Planetary Mixer – Electronic Drive Series maintains all the exceptional features of its predecessor while introducing an advanced electronic drive system. This electronic control offers even greater precision, speed consistency, and operational flexibility, ensuring that your mixing processes are more accurate and reliable than ever before.

Enhanced Accessories for Superior Performance: Included with the mixer are the essential stainless steel accessories that have made it a staple in professional kitchens and bakeries. The stainless steel bowl remains a durable and hygienic mixing surface, capable of accommodating substantial ingredient quantities. The S.S wire whisk attachment, with the new electronic drive system, delivers improved whipping performance, ensuring your batters and meringues are consistently light and airy.

The S.S flat beater attachment, now powered by electronic drive, maintains its exceptional mixing capabilities for cake batters, cookie dough, and more. The precise control of the electronic drive system guarantees thorough mixing and uniform results every time. The S.S dough hook attachment, enhanced by electronic drive technology, effortlessly kneads yeast dough to perfection, simplifying the preparation of bread, pizza, and other yeast-based recipes.

Innovative S.S Bowl Scraper for Efficiency:
Continuing its commitment to enhancing functionality, the mixer now includes an electronic drive-powered S.S bowl scraper. This intelligent accessory ensures an immaculate mixing bowl by scraping the sides while mixing, guaranteeing that all ingredients are impeccably incorporated. This innovation not only streamlines your mixing process but also reduces waste and cleanup time.

Seamless Conversion to Electronic Drive:
Upgrading your bakery equipment to the Planetary Mixer – Electronic Drive Series is effortless. With the new electronic drive system, you'll experience improved control, consistency, and operational efficiency, making it an essential investment for bakeries aiming for excellence in their products.

Elevate your mixing game with the Planetary Mixer – Electronic Drive Series, where innovation meets tradition to create a mixing experience that's as precise and reliable as your recipes.

    • Precision Mixing
    • Electronic Drive System
    • Versatile Attachments
    • Multiple Speed Settings
    • Durable Construction
      Safety Features
S.S Bowl
S.S Wire Whisk
S.S Flat Beater
S.S Dough Hook
Bowl Trolly
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