The Planetary Mixer – Gear Drive Series is built with durability and longevity in mind. Its sturdy construction and reliable gear drive system enable it to handle heavy mixing tasks with ease, while its user-friendly controls offer convenience and precision in operation.Upgrade your bakery with the Planetary Mixer – Gear Drive Series and enjoy the versatility, efficiency, and high-quality mixing results it delivers.


The Planetary Mixer – Gear Drive Series is versatile and efficient bakery equipment designed for commercial use. This mixer is equipped with a robust gear drive system, ensuring powerful and consistent mixing performance to meet the demands of busy bakeries.

Included with the machine are essential accessories that enhance its functionality and versatility. The stainless steel bowl provides a durable and hygienic mixing surface, capable of accommodating large quantities of ingredients. The S.S wire whisk attachment is ideal for whipping and incorporating air into ingredients, perfect for creating light and fluffy batters or meringues.

The S.S flat beater attachment is suitable for mixing various ingredients such as cake batters, cookie dough, and mashed potatoes. It ensures thorough mixing and consistent results. The S.S dough hook attachment is designed specifically for kneading yeast dough, making it effortless to prepare bread, pizza, and other yeast-based recipes.

Additionally, the mixer comes with an S.S bowl scraper, a valuable accessory that aids in keeping the mixing bowl clean and efficient by scraping the sides while mixing, ensuring all ingredients are properly incorporated.

    • Intelligent Gear Drive System
    • Unparalleled Precision
    • Limitless Versatility
    • Masterful Dough and Batter Development
    • Impeccable Hygiene and Efficiency
    • Effortless Mobility
S.S Bowl
S.S Wire Whisk
S.S Flat Beater
S.S Dough Hook